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Altcoin Monitoring / Analysis Platform

Advanture that started with Bitcoin continues with Altcoins. In this process, attention to Altcoins is high. The investors should follow Altcoin transactions and Altcoin analysis. So, we have compiled the useful websites.


This website is a data bank where you can find most preferred altcoins, prices, altcoins in circulation, 24-hour changes, and instant graphics. You can also see the most profitable and least profitable altcoins of the last 24-hours from Biggest Gainers and Losers sections. Additionally, you can instantly follow cryptocurrency market volume, transaction volume in 24-hours, and Bitcoin dominance values.


As an alternative to Coinmarketcap one of the popular Bitcoin and Altcoin marketing monitoring firmsCoinworldindex has a clear interface and compatible with mobile. This website show the higher and lowest priced Altcoins in the alst 24 hours. Another important property of this website is in overview section, you can see 7, 30, 90, 180-day, and yearly price changes of cryptocurrency. This information will be helpful to decide what you should invest. Currently, annual growth of Bitcoin is 664% which is pretty good.


Another important website on our list is Cryptocompare. This website is commonly preferred with strong infrastructure that is instantly updated and is supported with API. Another prominent property is that the website identifies cryptocurrency algorithms which we explained in what is altcoins? Additionally, the website indicates proof type transaction verification types. It is possible to see where did the cryptocurrencies do the last transaction.


Coincap is like other websites with instant node numbers (to estimate the volume of Bitcoin network), latest block, and average prices. This website also offers an easy-to-use interface. The most important property of Coincap is when you click on cryptocurrency you can monitor instant bar graphics.


We saved the best for last. This comprehensive database has multiple properties. This website offers Alexa rank of the website of the cryptocurrency and how much did that cryptocurrency grow over time. The difference from other websites is that the developer side searches infrastructure codes of cryptocurrency from platforms like Github and Bitbucket and defines a score to cryptocurrency based on the results. Other prominent property is public interest. Here, the database defines another score how much the cryptocurrency is searched on search engines and how popular it is on web. Coin Gecko is number of platform for cryptocurrencies with diverse and useful information.

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